Our awesome features

Schedule to have data flowing in automatically

Having your data flowing in automatically to your spreadsheet.

Two way connection

Custom reports

Easy collaboration

Import in bulk

Extracting financial data from multiple organisations

A simple, convenient, intuitive way to extract your financial data into your favorite speadsheet

Give you consolidation view

Freedom to manage your financial reports your way

Friendly and easy built-in report templates

Working with multiple organisations

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Bank transactions management

Connect directly to bank accounts or convert bank statement PDFs to extract bank transactions

Direct bank feeds to Google Sheets

Having bank transactions automatically flowing through to your Google Sheets

Bank statement converter

Convert bank statements from PDF format to have bank transactions into Google Sheets

Automatic bank transaction categorisation

Having AI automatically categorising bank transactions for you

Insights and Reports

Deep dive into bank transactions insights customized for your business and measure goals.

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